There are two camping locations at Severn River Park
We suggest you choose your camp ground based on the wind location. This will allow you to start your hunt from camp into the prevailing wind… 

Camp One
Camp One is at the head of a leading ridge that deer often use. This campsite is near our homestead and in most cases you will be able to reach it using a regular car. Firewood is readilly available. You will need to provide water and tent or swag facilities. It is very common to see deer most mornings in the camp location. Foxes are also found near the Camp One location.

Camp Two
Camp Two is by a grove of trees 100 meters from the Severn River at the bottom of our property. This beautiful campsite requires a 4WD to access. Firewood is also available and accommodation will need to be tent or swag. There is a short walk to the river and approximately 700 meters of fishing area. Once again deer are seen from this camp site most days.

camp 2 

Please note The New England Range can be quite cold during winter and we strongly suggest you bring quality warm clothing and sleeping bags during this period.