Bow Hunting

Severn River Park is open to Bow Hunting only. Firearms are not permitted. This ensures a constant population of wild deer on our property and offers value to our visitors…
Please note. You require by law an R or G license to hunt deer in NSW. You can obtain the application form for an R or G license here Game Species
Available at times include:

Fallow Deer









Fallow Deer are prolific on Severn River Park and you are allowed to take one doe and one buck per trip. We encourage hunters to leave young bucks to mature into quality trophies for the future. There are occasional white Fallow to be seen. These are not permitted to be shot.

Wild Goats









Goats visit Severn River Park from neighboring properties A young goat makes excellent eating and there can be nice skins available.


Foxes can be quite common but are very elusive. Try a predator call to bring them into bow range.



Rabbits can be seen on the property but you are more likely to see them during winter months when the grass is shorter.

Feral Pigs

You will find pig marks in many areas of the park, however they come and go.