Brett Standing

April 2012

I had been looking forward to getting up to Severn River Park since making the booking about 12 months ago.

My partner Veronica and I were due to arrive Easter Saturday but after talking with Larry he was happy for us to arrive on the Friday evening and get camp set up.

We arrived about 6.30pm and were greeted by Larry and Sue, after Larry gave us a run down on the property he showed us to the camping area. I was quite impressed as Larry had built a shelter of around 12′x14′ with a water tank of the back. There was firewood cut and a spot for a fire. There is also a block and tackle with a gambrel for anyone taking a meat animal. We got set up and had an early night so we could get an early start in the morning.

It was a cool night and we were greeted by a bit of fog in the morning. After a bit of a scout around I spotted half a dozen deer feeding out in the open and as we got closer a buck started to croak in the timber to our right.

Deer started to appear from nowhere and began to move up the hill toward the croaking buck. After glassing for a few minutes I located him about 150mt away through the timber. I tried rattling him and he circled around coming to about 80mt and then returned to his doe’s. He was a huge buck and we spent half an hour or so watching him before he moved back further into the timber.

Before we moved of I noticed a fox approaching from our left, I nocked an arrow and when he was just over 20mt away I drew my bow but the movement caught his eye and he bolted. He stopped about 70mt away and stood there for a while trying to work out what had happened before moving off.

At that point we wandered back into camp for a feed, we also took a drive down to the river and checked out the other campsite. I have no doubt that there would be some great fishing to be had with some good looking holes.

About an hour before dark I went out for a walk again and saw a couple of does up ahead contouring around into the next gully. I could hear a buck croaking up ahead in the direction they were headed. There was no wind but it was starting to cool down so I figured the thermals would be working in my favour.

As I got closer, I could hear the buck thrashing a bush and decided to give the rattle bag a try. I rattled for a minute or so and thought I would slip my boots off and move up in the direction that I had heard the buck. Conditions were quite dry and it was hard to move quietly with leaves and twigs crunching under foot.

At that time I was kneeling and had my right boot off and had only stopped rattling about 20 seconds, I then heard the buck running down the hill toward me, he stopped about 40mt out front directly behind a bush that was about

1.5mt high that screened him slightly. There was a bit off a stand off for about 10-15 seconds. I then gave the rattle bag a slight prod and he began to trot off to my left, as he did I drew my bow and he stopped and looked back. He was uphill and quartering away. I settled my pin low on his last rib and released. The arrow looked good and he jumped high on the impact, I could tell by the way he moved up the hill he was hit hard.

I watched him go up the hill through the timber for about 200mt where he appeared to stop. I walked over to where he had been standing and found my arrow that had good blood on it and what appeared to be a good blood trail.

I decided to back out as it was just before dark and I didn’t want to go up there and risk the possibility of bumping him out of there. I went back to camp and shortly after drove down and told Larry that I was going to go back up first thing in the morning to locate him. Larry kindly offered to come and lend a hand getting him back down.

Next morning saw Veronica and I back out there at first light, I had GPS’ed the spot where I had hit the deer then started to follow the blood trail. It ended as quick as it had started, I decided to go up to where I had last seen the deer and started searching. It’s amazing how it all looks the same once you get up there and after about 20 minutes I was starting to get a bit concerned that he may have kept going. As my eyes started to focus on a dark patch about 20mt away I realised it was him.

My arrow had entered low, gone forward and exited high behind his off shoulder. He was pretty much laying were I had last seen him. I left my gear with him and went down and let Larry know, he then followed me up with the 4 wheeler to get him out.


Larry was also good enough to take the pics as my camera had flat batteries.Many thanks to Larry and Sue we had a great time and have already booked for next year.


Larry was also good enough to take the pics as my camera had flat batteries.
Many thanks to Larry and Sue we had a great time and have already booked for next year.