Dylan Arrowsmith

March 2012


I turned up to the Severn River Park at around about 5:15pm on Thursday afternoon spoke to Larry and Sue for a while then Larry took me down to the camp site so I could set up camp after getting to the camp and Larry going home I decided that I would go for a scout about then went looking for my camo cloths and realised that my camo pants which my release aid was in the pocket of had been mixed up with my mates camo cloths from the 2 days prior I then got in the car and went back up to the home stead and asked Larry if he had a release aid I could borrow and he grab one for me  so I then ducked back to camp put my pant on and went for a scout about.
I had only been walking for 15 minutes when I spotted my first 2 deer 30 yards in front there were 2 does standing there in this little opening feeding my way the furthest one turned slightly quartering away I thought to my self this seems to easy any way I clipped the release on to the string drew back ranged her with my Lepould Vendetta Range Finder which confirmed that she was 30 yards on the dot so I sat my 30 on her heart and squeezed the trigger off the arrow went straight into the heart she ran 30 yards and it’s all legs up in the air.  I could not believe it been on the property for 20 minutes and I had a meat doe on the ground I was stoked so I marked it on my GPS went back and asked Larry if he could pick it up on the quad bike for me and take a few pics for me so we went and had a photo session and took her back to camp for me to cut up. I 100% recommend this property to any 1 !!!!

Thanks again larry