Col Ross

April 4th 2012

Hi Larry and Sue. Just a short note ..   Thanking you for a most enjoyable Hunting Adventure.

 To all you Bow hunters out there, that are experienced or particularly those of you starting out this is the Outfit where you can enjoy and learn every aspect of Fallow hunting . As per Larrys, up front and honest persona, he will say “tell it as it is the good and the bad”, but to be quite honest there wasn’t any thing bad to say about it, other than our lack of ability  that is, after all we have only been bow hunting for 25 years daahh !   Plenty of deer abound, plenty of croaking, scrapes and all the interaction with this critters that one would wish.   There are Trophy animals there , but the old adage of  “they don’t get big by being stupid”  applies.   Don’t take the numbers for granted and hunt smart , you will definitely get that shot of a life time.   Larrys operation on the ethical basis is refreshing and very professional, he wont take any crap  and a word of warning stay on the right side of the fence.   There is no reason to do so, just Hunt smart.   It’s a self guided operation but listen to Larry, he has a wealth of experience and get him to your camp and the hours just fly.   Improvements on the facilities are on the go as we speak and his long range plan is exciting.   The fishing is exceptional, goats and other ferals frequent the Ranch.   But Honestly you don’t get much time if your after the Fallow.   All this action and the weather was unseasonably hot, what would it be like at the right time, when is the right time anyway.   So book and give it a go as soon as you can, you will not be disappointed.   Any way a short note has turned into a novel. Well I’m off Red Deer Hunting now ( its an affliction not an addiction).   Larry and Sue thanks again from 2 old Bow hunters and see you for sure, next year.


Col and Tony